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Big data Hadoop classroom training in delhi NCR | Certification India

YAMI Courses


Big Data Hadoop


Bid Data Hadoop Training Course has been designed by industry experts looking at existing industry job requirements to help students learn large data and hadoop modules. This course is industry-recognized training course which is a combination of training courses in the hadoop developer, the hadoop administrator, the ha...

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Big Data Hadoop Spark Storm Scala

This is a Combo Course at Yami Cosmo Services, Green Park, Delhi is created to give you an edge in the Big Data Hadoop. You will be trained in the Harapp Architectures, Component Component Mepreads, HDFS, HBS and others. Efficiency in Apache Hurricane, Apache Spark, and Scala Programming Language. It is an all-in-one course designed t...

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Big Data Hadoop Developer

Hadop Developer Certification Training will enable you to get itemized data about Big Data and Hadoop. A few points incorporate the comprehension of the Hadop biological community, HDFS and MapReads, which incorporate Madrid Abstract.To establish, apply various components of the head, such as pig, hive, flume, squab and yarn....

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Hadoop Administration

Become a Big Data Administrator by learning the concepts of Hadop and implementing Advanced Operations on the Hydop Cluster

This Hadop Administration Training course will provide you all the skills for successful work as a Hadoop Administrator. This Hadope admin certification course includes basic principles o...

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Big Data Hadoop Analyst

his course will enable an Analyst to work on Big Data and Hadoop which takes into consideration the burgeoning demands of the industry to process and analyze data at high speeds. This Training Course will give you the right skills to deploy various tools and techniques to be a Hadoop Analyst working with Big Data.

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