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CCNA Certification Course in Delhi NCR | Training Classes Yami

CCNA Training for 6 weeks

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Courses Overview

Yami Services is Best Training Institute for Cisco Routing & Switching Training in Green Park, Delhi. Also Offering Class Room and Boot Camp and online Training for CCNA Routing & Switching Certification.

CCNA is the first level of networking course offered by Cisco. After completion of CCNA course, the candidate will have basic understanding of networking and validates the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks, including implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN. Once the candidate is done with CCNA can go for CCNP certification which is the next level of course.


Yami Services is Best Training Institute for Cisco Routing & Switching Training in Green Park, Delhi. Also Offering Class Room and Boot Camp and online Training for CCNA Routing & Switching Certification.

Operation of IP Data Networks

  • Perceive the reason and elements of different system gadgets, for example, switches, switches, scaffolds and centers

  • Select the parts required to meet a given system detail

  • Recognize regular applications and their effect on the system

  • Portray the reason and essential activity of the conventions in the OSI and TCP/IP models

  • Anticipate the information stream between two has over a system

  • Distinguish the proper media, links, ports, and connectors to interface Cisco arrange gadgets to other system gadgets and has in a LAN

LAN Switching Technologies

  • Decide the innovation and media get to control technique for Ethernet systems

  • Recognize essential exchanging ideas and the activity of Cisco switches

  • Collision Domains, Broadcast Domains, How to Switch - Store, Forward, Cut in

  • Arrange and confirm introductory switch design including remote access administration, hostname, mgmt ip address, ip default-portal, neighborhood client and watchword, empower mystery secret key, support and VTY logins, executive timeout, benefit watchword encryption, duplicate run begin

  • Verify the status of the network and switch operations by using basic utilities such as Ping, Telnet, SSH

  • Depict how VLANs make coherently isolate systems and the requirement for directing between them

  • Clarify arrange division and fundamental activity administration ideas - Configure and confirm VLANs

  • Arrange and check trunking on Cisco switches, dtp (point), auto-transaction, Identify upgraded exchanging advances, RSTP, PVSTP, Etherchannels, Configure and confirm PVSTP task, Describe root connect race, Spanning tree mode

IP Addressing (IPv4/IPv6)

  • Describe the operation and necessity of using private and public IP addresses for IPv4 addressing

  • Distinguish the suitable IPv6 tending to plan to fulfill tending to prerequisites in a LAN/WAN condition

  • Distinguish the suitable IPv4 tending to conspire utilizing VLSM and synopsis to fulfill tending to necessities in a LAN/WAN condition


  • Describe the technical requirements for running IPv6 with IPv4, Dual Stack, describe IPv6 address, Global Unicast, Multicast, Local Local, Unique Local, EU 64, Auto Configuration

IP Services

  • Configure and verify DHCP (IOS Router) - Configuring router interfaces to use DHCP, DHCP options (Basic overview and functionality), Excluded addresses, Lease time

  • Describe the types, features, and applications of ACLs - standard (editing and sequence numbers), extended, named, numbered, Log option

  • Configure and verify ACLs in a network environment – named, numbered, Log option

  • NAT - Objective, pool, static, 1 to 1, overloading, source addressing, identify the basic operation of NAT in a way

  • Configure and verify NAT for given network requirements, Configure and verify NTP as a client

IP Routing Technologies

  • Describe basic routing concepts

  • Describe the boot process of Cisco IOS routers

  • Configure and verify basic Router configuration

  • Configure and verify interface (serial and Ethernet)

  • Configure and verify Static & Default routing

  • Manage Cisco IOS Files

  • Differentiate methods of routing and routing protocols

  • Configure and verify OSPF (single area)

  • Configure and verify EIGRP (single AS)

  • InterVLAN routing (Router on a stick)

  • Configure SVI interfaces

Network Device Security

  • Configure and verify network device security features - describe device password protection, incognito versus enable, transport, disabled telnet, SSH, VTV, physical security, service password, external authentication methods

  • Configure and verify Switch Port Security - Sticky MAC, MAC address limitation, static/dynamic, violation modes, err disable, shutdown, protect restrict, Shutdown unused ports, err disable recovery, Assign unused ports in unused VLANs, Putting Native VLAN to other than VLAN 1

  • Configure and verify ACLs to filter network traffic

  • Arrange and check ACLs to restrain telnet and SSH access to the switch


Recognize and right regular system issues

  • Use netflow information

  • Investigate and right normal issues related with IP tending to and have setups.


Troubleshoot and Resolve Spanning Tree operation issues

  • root switch

  • need

  • mode is right

  • port states

Troubleshoot and Resolve VLAN problems

  • recognize that VLANs are arranged

  • port enrollment amend

  • IP address arranged


Troubleshoot and Resolve trunking problems on Cisco switches

  • remedy trunk states

  • remedy embodiment arranged

  • remedy vlans permitted

Troubleshoot and Resolve OSPF problems

  • neighbor Adjancies

  • System writes

  • Neighbor states

  • OSPF topology database

  • Hi and Dead clocks

  • OSPF territory

  • Interface MTU


Troubleshoot and Resolve routing issues

  • steering is empowered

  • steering table is right

  • redress way determination

Troubleshoot and Resolve EIGRP problems

  • Surrounding

  • CRC

  • Runts

  • Monsters

Troubleshoot and Resolve WAN implementation issues

  • Serial interfaces

  • PPP

  • Frame relay

Troubleshoot and Resolve interVLAN routing problems

  • Connectivity

  • Encapsulation

  • Subnet

  • Native VLAN

  • Port mode trunk status

Troubleshoot and Resolve ACL issues

  • Statistics

  • Permitted networks

  • Direction

  • Interface

Troubleshoot and Resolve Layer 1 problems

  • Framing

  • CRC

  • Runts

  • Giants

  • Dropped packets

  • Late collision

  • Input / Output errors

  • Monitor NetFlow statistics

  • Troubleshoot etherchannel problems


WAN Technologies

  • Identify different WAN Technologies

  • Metro Ethernet

  • T1 / E1

  • ISDN

  • DSL

  • MPLS

  • VPN

  • Frame relay

  • Cable

  • VSAT

  • Cellular 3G / 4G

  • Configure and verify a basic WAN serial connection

  • Configure and verify a PPP connection between Cisco routers

  • Configure and verify Frame Relay on Cisco routers

  • Implement and troubleshoot PPPoE

  • Duration: 30 Days
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