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Cloud computing Summer Training in Delhi NCR Noida | Yami Services

CLOUD COMPUTING Training for 6 weeks

Join With Our Courses To Develop Yourself.


Courses Overview

Keeping in view the growing scope of cloud computing in India, YCSPL, Green Park, Delhi has just launched the Amazon Certified Cloud Computing Course in which we provide complete and thorough knowledge of cloud computing to students. After the completion of the course, we will also provide you with certification directly through Amazon for cloud computing.

1. Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS) & the Cloud

  • What Is Cloud Computing & Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • AWS Architecture and Terminology, AWS Regions and Availability Zones

  • Understanding How AWS is Physically Set Up

  • Understanding AWS, Understanding EC2

  • Understanding Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) & Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

  • Understanding VPCs, Understanding RDS

  • Selecting the appropriate AWS service based on calculation, data or safety requirements

  • Cloud service models, essential features and cloud computing deployment models

  • LAB - Navigate AWS Management Console

2. AWS Elastic Compute Cloud- AWS EC2

  • Understanding EC2 Instance Types, The Lifecycle of Instances

  • Storage Options for EC2 Instances & Advanced EC2 Features

  • LAB- Deploying an EC2 Linux and EC2

  • Windows Instance, Security Groups, Monitoring and Reporting

3. AWS Storage Fundamentals

  • High Level view of AWS Storage Solutions

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3),

  • Amazon Glacier, Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Cloudfront & AWS Storage Gateway

  • Managing Instance Volumes Using EBS, EBS Snapshots and Replication

  • LAB- AWS EBS- Creating and Deleting EBS Volume, Attaching & Detaching EBS Volume and Creating Snapshot etc.

4. AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)

  • AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) Essentials, S3 Bucket/Object Versioning And LifeCycle Policies

  • Moving Objects Into S3, Handling Bucket And Object Permissions, Accessing S3 Objects, Protecting Data In S3

  • AWS S3 Concepts & Advanced S3 Features, Hosting A Website In S3

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Amazon CloudFront storage solutions

  • Amazon Glacier - Archives, Vaults, Vaults Locks & Data Retrieval

  • Amazon Glacier versus Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

  • LAB- S3 Bucket Policy and Versioning

  • LAB- Enabling S3's LifeCycle feature  - Lifecycle Policies

  • LAB- Creating A Static Hosting Website With S3

5. Amazon IAM (Identity And Access Management)

  • Understand the security measures AWS provides and key concepts of AWS

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • IAM Best Practices For New Accounts, Building IAM Policies & Using IAM Roles with EC2

  • LAB- IAM - Creating and Managing User Access

  • LAB- Logging IAM events on CloudTrail

6. Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) And Networking

  • Introduction To VPC And AWS Networking, AWS Networking Architecture

  • Subnets, Route Tables, Internet Gateways

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Option Sets

  • Elastic IP Addresses (EIPs), Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs)

  • Endpoints & VPC Peering

  • Security Groups, Network Access Control Lists (ACLs)

  • Network Address Translation (NAT) Instances and NAT Gateways

  • NAT Instance, NAT Gateway

  • Virtual Private Gateways (VPGs), Customer Gateways (CGWs), and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

  • VPC Networking, VPC Security

  • VPC Access Methods & VPC Configuration, Extending The VPC To On-Premise Networks

  • LAB- Building a Virtual Private Cloud from Scratch & Securing Your VPC

  • LAB- Creating a NAT Instance in a VPC

  • Configuring VPC Peering and Routing Between LAB-VPC


7 AWS Security Fundamentals

Understanding AWS Safety Measures

AWS Share Responsibility Model

AWS Compliance Program

AWS Global Infrastructure Security

Physical and environmental protection

Layered Security, Security Group and Network ACL

AWS Report, Certification, and Third Party Certification

AWS account security features

AWS certificate, password

Cloud Security Ideas and Safety Best Practices for Clouds

LAB-Security Group and Network ACL

  • LAB- Encrypting & Controlling Access to S3; Logging and Auditing Access and Actions


8. Securing Data on AWS

  • Shared Responsibility Model

  • Protecting Data at Rest

  • Protecting Data in Transit

  • Securing Your Operating Systems and Applications

  • How to use IAM to keep your data secure

  • AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (AWS MFA)

  • LAB- MFA (Multifactor Authentication) on Amazon Web Services




9. Database Fundamentals for AWS


  • Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) Overview, Working With RDS

  • Relational Database Service (RDS):

  • Structure, Understanding RDS Multi-AZ Failover

  • RDS Security Groups, Read Replicas with MySQL RDS Across Regions

  • DyamoDB and NoSQL, DynamoDB vs Amazon RDS Database

  • LAB- Setting Up RDS

  • LAB - Creating DynamoDB Tables


10. Understanding Backup Options

  • Overview of Backup Services on AWS and Services that Include Backups

  • Managing Backup And Disaster Recovery Processes,

  • Quickly Recovering from Disasters

  • S3 and RDS Backup Options, EBS

  • Options, EC2 Backup Strategies

  • LAB- S3, RDS Backup & EBS Options


11. Load Balancing with Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

  • Introduction to ELB, Basic ELB concepts

  • Internet-facing ELBs & VPC-facing ELBs

  • LAB- Elastic Load Balancer

  • Configurations for high availability

  • LAB- SSL on Elastic Load Balancer

12. AWS's Domain Name System

  • Amazon Route 53 Overview

  • Domain Name System (DNS) & Concepts

  • Steps Involved in Domain Name System (DNS) Resolution

  • Record Types & Supported Record Types

  • Domain Registration

  • Domain Name System (DNS) Service

  • Hosted Zones

  • Amazon Route 53 Enables Resiliency

  • Domain name management, Route 53 Web Request Handling, Route53 and DNS Failover

  • LAB- Configuring Route 53 from the AWS Management Console

  • LAB- Route 53 Complex Configurations

13. Amazon CloudTrail

  • Amazon CloudTrail Overview, Configuring CloudTrail In The Console

  • LAB- Monitoring CloudTrail Events With CloudWatch

14. Working with Amazon CloudFront

  • Amazon CloudFront Key Concepts And Overview

  • CloudFront architectural considerations, Dynamic Content With CloudFront,

  • Streaming Media With CloudFront

  • Monitoring CloudFront with CloudWatch

  • LAB- Creating A Multi-Region CloudFront Solution

15. Understand AWS management tools

  • Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Trusted Advisor

  • Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch and Trusted Advisor

  • LAB- Configuring CloudWatch from the AWS Management Console

16. Active Directory and Amazon Web Services

  • Setting up Simple Active Directory

  • Setting up AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory

  • Active Directory Connector

  • AWS Hybrid Active Directory Environments

  • LAB- Join EC2 Instance to the Domain (Simple AD & AWS AD) Windows


17. AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)

  • WAF Overview and AWS WAF

  • AWS WAF Rule Creation

  • LAB- Barracuda AWS WAF Configuration


18. High Availability And Fault Tolerant Systems on AWS

  • Designing highly available, cost -efficient, fault-tolerant, scalable systems, Disaster Recovery And Fail-over Strategies

  • Apply DR for system based on RPO and RTO

  • Apply elasticity

  • Vertical and horizontal scaling

  • Autoscoding vs. resizing

  • Applying auto-scaling and ELB to create high availability and fault tolerance

  • Deploying, managing, and operating scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems on AWS

  • LAB- Elastic Load Balancer With High Availability Hands On

  • LAB- Configuring an Auto Scaling Application


19. Monitoring Performance and Availability

  • Creating CloudWatch Alarms to Monitor Amazon EC2 Instances & EBS for Performance and Availability

  • Creating CloudWatch Alarms to Monitor the Elastic Load Balancer for Performance and Availability

  • Creating CloudWatch Alarms to Monitor the RDS for Performance and Availability


20. Troubleshooting

  • EC2 Troubleshooting Scenarios

  • VPC Troubleshooting Scenarios

  • ELB Troubleshooting Scenarios

  • Auto Scaling Troubleshooting Scenarios

  • LAB- Troubleshooting Connectivity Issu


  • Duration: 30 Days
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    Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics, Business Intelligance, Finance Controlling, Water Treatment and Power Plants

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