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Courses Overview

Become a Big Data Administrator by learning concepts of Hadoop and implement advanced operations on Hadoop Clusters

This Hadoop Administration Training Course will provide you with all the skills in order to successful work as a Hadoop Administrator. This Hadoop admin certification Course includes fundamentals of Hadoop, Hadoop Clusters, HDFS, MapReduce and HBase.

Installation of Hadoop and Hadoo Ecosystems

Installation of Hadoop components and ecosystems – Hive, Sqoop, Pig, Scala and Spark

Introduction to Big Data Hadoop. Understanding HDFS & Mapreduce

Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop and its Ecosystem, Map Reduce and HDFS – The importance of Big Data, how Hadoop fit into the framework, Hadoop Distributed File System – Replications, Block Size, Secondary Name node, High Availability. YARN – Resource Manager, Node Manager. Lab 1: Working with HDFS

Deep Dive in Mapreduce

How Mapreduce Works, How Reducer works, How Driver works, Combiners, Partitioners, Input Formats, Output Formats, Shuffle and Sort. Lab 2: Writing Word Count Program.

Hadoop Administration – Multi Node Cluster Setup using Amazon ec2

How to create a Hadoop cluster with 4 nodes, working with cluster and deploying a MapReduce job, how to write a MapReduce code and setting up the Cloudera Manager

Hadoop Administration – Cluster Configuration

The significance of the configuration files, overview of the configuration values and parameters, the parameters of Hadoop distributed file system, setting up the Hadoop environment, detailed configuration files like ‘Include’ and ‘Exclude’, the directory structure and files of Name node and Data node, Edit log and File system image for Hadoop administration and maintenance. Hands-on Exercise: Performance tuning of MapReduce.

Hadoop Administration – Maintenance, Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Deploying the checkpoint procedure, working with Metadata, data backup, safe mode, name node failure and recovery procedure, troubleshooting to resolve the various problems, knowing what to look for, node removal and more, the best practices in using the JMX tool for cluster monitoring, working with stack traces, using logs to monitor and troubleshoot, deploying the various open source tools for cluster monitoring, how to deploy the Job Scheduler, the process of job submission flow in MapReduce, scheduling of jobs on the same cluster, FIFO scheduling, Fair Scheduler configuration. Hands-on Exercise: Working with the MapReduce file system recovery.

Securing Hadoop Cluster with Kerbrose and other Advance topics

Hadoop advanced administration, Quorum Journal Manager, HDFS security and configuring Hadoop federation, the Hadoop platform security fundamentals, the process to secure the Hadoop platform, the importance of Kerberos, integrating with the Hadoop platform, Hadoop cluster configuration with Kerberos.

  • Duration: 40 Days
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