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Business Intelligence using machine learning Big Data R & Tableau


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Courses Overview

This Big Data program includes both the process of learning the techniques involved in data engineering, Big Data Analytics and Big Data storage, processing and management - both structured and unorganized data,as well as the data analytics layer on top of Big Data systems, using both more traditional predictive models by connecting an analytics tool like R and Tableau to Big Data Systems, as well as advanced Machine Learning algorithms on Big Data using Spark.


Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

•          Introduction to Big data

•          Hadoop and HDFS


Data Pre and Post Processing for Integration

•          MapReduce

•          Map Reduce Advanced

•          Pig

•          Hive

•          Programming in Hive


Data Ingestion Processes

•          Data Extraction Tool

•          Cloudera Distributions HUE & Impala


NoSQL Databases and Work flow Automation

•          HBASE and Oozie

•          NOSQL


R programming language

•          Introduction to Analytics & Analytics Methodology

•          Data Analysis & Preprocessing with R programming


Analytics and Visualization with R and Tableau

•          Integrating R and Hadoop

•          Exploratory Data Analysis

•          Big Data Visualization

•          Text analytics and social media case studies


Machine Learning with Spark

Introduction to Machine Learning

• Regression algorithms

• Classifier: Bayesian and KNN

• Tree based algorithms

• SVM and performance improvements

• Introduction to Spark

• Spark internal

• Set Up and Get Started

• Spark architecture

• Spark components

• Spark R

• Spark Mllib

• Spark Case Studies


Advanced NoSQL databases and handling streaming data

• Introduction to the cassandra

• The architecture of Casandra

• Establishment and configuration of Casandra

• Copy bulk data and batch statement

• Interface for Apache cassandra

• Advanced architecture

• Indexing and Aggregation

• Replication and shading

• Cluster Administration

• Introduction to large data and real-time large data processing

• Introduction to STORM

• Storm installation and configuration

• Storm Advanced Concepts

• Hurricane Interface

• Storm Trident


  • Duration: 120 HRS
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    Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics, Business Intelligance, Finance Controlling, Water Treatment and Power Plants

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