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Business Intelligence using Python SAS Excel and Tableau | Yami


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Courses Overview

Analysis, Predictive Analytics, AI and Machine Learning models, using the most in-demand tools like R, Python, SAS, and Tableau.It will empower you to ace every one of the three components of Data Science - Statistics, Tools, and Business Knowledge.

Overview of analytics

 An Overview of Analytics and Data Science

•           Analytics Methodology and Problem Solving Frameworks

•           Models & Algorithms


Descriptive Analytics with Statistics

•           Descriptive Statistics

•           Data Visualization with Excel


•           Data Analysis Methods: Data Visualization with Excel


R for Data Science

•           Introduction to R

•           Simple data processing with R

•           Data Visualization with R


Data Wrangling and EDA with R

•           Data Pre-Processing - Data Exploration

•           Data Pre-Processing - Data Preparation


Testing Hypothesis with Data

•           Introduction to Inferential Statistics and Probability concepts

•           Hypothesis Testing Concepts and Frameworks

•           Advanced Hypothesis Testing


Predictive Analytics with R

•           Linear Regression

•           Logistic Regression

•           Time Series Forecasting in R


Python for Data Science and Machine Learning

•           Introduction to Python

•           Introduction to Pandas

•           Data Manipulation with Pandas

•           MatplotLib


Machine Learning Models using Python

•           Introduction to Machine Learning

•           Introduction to Linear Regression

•           Linear Regression - Introduction to Overfit

•           Logistic Regression

•           Tree Based Models

•           Neural Networks

•           Convolutional Neural Network

•           ML in R: Linear Regression

•           ML in R: Logistic Regression and Decision Trees

•           ML in R: Tree Based Models


Data Science Capstone Project and Final Certification Exam

•           Project

•           Assignments


SAS Language for Data Manipulation and Analytics

•           An Introduction to the SAS language

•           Data Import into SAS

•           Data Manipulation with SAS

•           Advanced Data Manipulation with SAS


Storytelling with Data using Tableau

•           Visualisation with Tableau

  • Duration: 120 HRS
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    Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics, Business Intelligance, Finance Controlling, Water Treatment and Power Plants

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