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3ds MAX

Join With Our Courses To Develop Yourself.


Courses Overview

3ds MAX preparing gives presentation to a head plan representation stage from Autodesk. The preparation readies the participants to begin their profession in illustrations and engineering outlining. Members get the hang of utilizing apparatuses for 2D and 3D demonstrating, and producing great rendered livelinesss. Learning about changing articles, surface displaying, rendering; and 3D procedural demonstrating is conferred to the students. On investigating the product includes, the members learn profoundly proficient approaches to make complex articles for staggering representation ventures. 

The extraordinary profitability advantages of the 3ds MAX empowers you to: 

•    Navigate through 3ds MAX interface 

•    Generate models 

•    Prepare activitys on articles and characters 

•    Practice character poly demonstrating 

•    Work with lighting impacts 

•    Practice rendering 

•    Manage controllers and limitations 

•    Use Photometric Lights and Daylight System in mental beam Renderings

1. 3ds MAX Interface

  • The Workspace
    • User Interface Elements
    • Viewports
    • ViewCube
    • Mouse Buttons
    • Quad Menus
    • The Caddy Interface
    • Display of Objects in a Viewport
    • Viewport Navigation
  • Transforming Objects Using Gizmos
    • Move
    • Rotate
    • Scale
  • Graphite Modeling Tools Ribbon
  • Command Panel
    • Object Parameters and Values
    • Modifier Stack
    • Objects and Sub-objects
  • Time Slider and Track Bar
  • File Management
    • Setting a Project
    • Version Up

2. Your First 3ds Max Project

  • Starting to Model a Chest of Drawers
    • Ready, Set, Reference
    • Ready, Set, Model
  • Modeling the Top
  • Modeling the Bottom
  • Creating the Knobs
    • Editing the Profile
    • Copying the Knob

3. Modeling in 3ds Max: Part I

  • Building the Red Rocket
  • Creating Planes and Adding Materials
    • Creating the Body
    • Smoothing the Body
    • Adding Detail to the Rocket Body
    • Creating the Wheel Well
    • Creating the Control Panel
    • Creating the Back Wheel Axle Assembly
    • Further Body Work

4. Modeling in 3ds Max: Part II

  • Creating the Thruster
    • Using Lathe for the Thruster Shape
    • Creating the 3D Object for the Thruster Detail
  • Making the Wheels
    • Creating the First Wheel
    • Placing the Wheels
  • Getting a Handle on Things
    • Creating the Path
    • Creating the Shape
    • Editing the Loft Object
    • Adding Detail

5. Animating a Bouncing Ball

  • Animating the Ball
    • Copying Keyframes
    • Using the Track View–Curve Editor
    • Reading Animation Curves
  • Refining the Animation
    • Editing Animation Curves
    • Finessing the Animation
    • Squash and Stretch
    • Setting the Timing
    • Moving the Ball Forward
    • Adding a Roll
    • Using the XForm Modifier
    • Animating the XForm Modifier

6. Animating a Thrown Knife

  • Anticipation and Momentum in Knife Throwing
    • Blocking Out the Animation
    • Trajectories
    • Adding Rotation
    • Adding Anticipation
    • Follow-Through
    • Transferring Momentum to the Target
    • Parent and Child Objects

7. Character Poly Modeling: Part I

  • Setting Up the Scene
  • Creating Planes and Adding Materials
  • Adding the Materials
  • Creating the Soldier
  • Forming the Torso
  • Creating the Arms
  • Creating the Legs
  • Fixing Up the Body

8. Character Poly Modeling: Part II

  • Completing the Main Body
  • Creating the Accessories
  • Putting On the Boots
  • Creating the Hands

9. Character Poly Modeling: Part III

  • Creating the Head
  • Merging In and Attaching the Head’s Accessories

10. Introduction to Materials: Red Rocket

  • Materials
  • Compact Material Editor
    • Standard
    • Shaders
  • Mapping the Rocket
    • The Wheels
    • Creating a Multi/Sub-Object Material
    • Selecting Polygons
    • Loading the MSO Material into the Material Editor
    • Fine-tuning the Materials
    • Applying a Bump Map
    • Mapping the Fins: Introduction to Mapping Coordinates
    • The Base Material
    • Adding the Decal
    • Using a UVW Mapping Modifier
    • Mapping the Body
    • Creating the Material
    • Flipping the Decal
    • The Control Panel
    • Bring on the Nose, Bring on the Funk

11. Textures and UV Workflow: The Soldier

  • Mapping the Soldier
  • UV Unwrapping
    • Pelting the Left Arm UVs
    • Pelting the Right Arm UVs
    • Unwrapping and Using Pelt for the Head
  • Seaming the Rest of the Body
    • Unfolding the Rest of the Body
  • Applying the Color Map
  • Applying the Bump Map
  • Applying the Specular Map

12. Character Studio: Rigging

  • Character Studio Workflow
    • General Workflow
  • Associating a Biped with the Soldier Model
    • Creating and Modifying the Biped
    • Adjusting the Torso and Arms
    • Adjusting the Neck and Head
    • Applying the Physique Modifier
    • Controlling the View
    • Tweaking Physique

13. Character Studio: Animating

  • Character Animation
  • Animating the Soldier
    • Adding Freeform Animation
    • Modifying Animation in the Dope Sheet

14. Introduction to Lighting: Red Rocket

  • Three-Point Lighting
  • 3ds Max Lights
  • Default Lights
  • Standard Lights
    • Target Spotlight
    • Target Direct Light
    • Free Spot or Free Direct Light
    • Omni Light
  • Lighting the Red Rocket
  • Selecting a Shadow Type
    • Shadow Maps
    • Raytraced Shadows
  • Atmospheres and Effects
    • Creating a Volumetric Light
    • Adding Shadows
    • Excluding an Object from a Light
    • Adding a Volumetric Effect
    • Volume Light Parameters
  • Light Lister

15.  3ds MAX Rendering

  • Rendering Setup
    • Common Tab
    • Choosing a Filename
    • Rendered Frame Window
    • Render Processing
    • Assign Renderer
    • Rendering the Bouncing Ball
  • Cameras
    • Creating a Camera
    • Using Cameras
    • Animating a Camera
    • Clipping Planes
  • Safe Frame
    • Raytraced Reflections and Refractions
    • Raytrace Material
    • Tweaking the Render
    • Raytrace Mapping
    • Refractions Using the Raytrace Material
    • Refractions Using Raytrace Mapping
  • Rendering the Rocket
    • Creating the Camera Move
    • Adding Raytraced Reflections
    • Turning On the Environment Effects
    • Outputting the Render

16. Mental ray and HDRI

  • Mental ray Renderer
    • Enabling the mental ray Renderer
    • Mental ray Sampling Quality
  • Final Gather with mental ray
    • Final Gather
    • Mental ray Materials
    • 3ds Max Photometric Lights in mental ray Renderings
    • 3ds Max Daylight System in mental ray Renderings
  • HDRI

  • Duration: ---
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