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CAD Electrical Training Courses in Delhi NCR | Yami Cosmo Services

CAD Electrical

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Courses Overview

The preparation helps the hopefuls in understanding the methodology of building the canny step charts and board formats and how to use this insight. Through this preparation the applicants would have the capacity to pick up hands-on understanding on actualizing the knowledge so they would have the capacity to manage the ongoing situations. In addition, the CAD electrical course empowers the diagram of the CAD Electrical's utilities that are intended to enable the end client to rapidly construct and deal with an electrical control drawing set. 

In the wake of finishing this CAD electrical instructional class, the hopefuls would have the capacity to: 

•    Navigate CAD Electrical UI 

•    Defining the CAD Electrical undertaking wide capacities, including wire numbering and cross-referencing 

•    Develop a comprehension to manufacture insightful board format illustrations from schematic information 

•    Learn how to make the multi-drawing, CAD Electrical task 

•    Learn the methodology to make the CAD Electrical illustrations from spreadsheet information 

•    Develop a comprehension to make the insightful stepping stool wiring graph 

•    Develop a comprehension of the fundamental electrical reports, including Bill of Materials, wire number, link, and PLC reports 

•    Learn to make the altered CAD Electrical library images, schematic and board format

1. Introduction to AutoCAD Electrical

  • Working with the User Interface
  • Types of Electrical Drawings
  • Electrical Components and Wires

2. Project Files

  • Project Manager Interface
  • Opening and Creating Drawings
  • Managing Drawings in Projects

3. Schematics I – Single Wire/Components

  • Ladders, Wires and Rungs
  • Wire Setup and Numbering
  • Source & Destination Signal Arrows
  • Parent /Child Components

4. Schematics II – Multiwire and Circuits

  • Dashed Link Lines
  • Phase Ladders and Circuits
  • Cable Markers and Fan In/Out
  • Circuit Builder

5. Editing Commands

  • Editing Components
  • Surfer Command
  • Catalog Assignments
  • Installation/Location Code Values

6. Panel Drawings

  • Insert Footprint and Components
  • Editing Footprint
  • Assign Item Numbers and Balloons

7. Terminals

  • Multiple Level Terminals
  • Jumpers and Terminal Strip Editor
  • DIN Rail Command

8. PLC Symbols

  • Parametric and Full Units PLCs
  • PLC Points
  • PLC Based Tagging
  • Spreadsheet to PLC I/O Utility

9. Point –to-Point Wiring Drawings

  • Connectors and Splices
  • Multiple Wires and Bend Wires

10. Symbol Creation

  • Schematic Symbols
  • ICON Menu Wizard
  • Project and Catalog Database
  • PLC And Pin List Database

11. Title Blocks

12. Reporting Tools

  • Electrical Audit

13. Settings and Templates

  • Panel Drawing Configuration
  • Sharing Symbol Libraries & Database

14. Drawing Update Tools

  • Project Wide Utilities
  • Working with Spreadsheets
  • Swap/Update Block
  • Mark and Verify Drawings

  • Duration: ---
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