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Electrical Design and Drafting

Join With Our Courses To Develop Yourself.


Courses Overview

Electrical Instrumentation Drafting Design Training expects to grant preparing on the outlining and drafting standards and obviously the systems. Additionally, the competitors would come to think about the aptitudes that are important to work inside a building situation in the CAD/CAD industry. The Electrical Instrumentation Drafting Design Course tosses light on the Instrumentation Design and Drafting too. 

Subsequent to finishing the Electrical Instrumentation Drafting Design Course, the competitors would have the capacity to: 

•    Develop the comprehension of the idea of the Electrical Systems Design 

•    Learn the methodology of developing and additionally finishing specialized illustrations utilizing CAD procedures 

•    Develop comprehension of actualizing the standards of illustration/see projection strategies, dimensioning and separating 

•    Learn about discharge/correction documentation hones and when creating point by point plant design illustrations

1. Electrical Design and Drafting:

  • Understanding the concept of Electrical Systems Design
  • Understanding preparation of the Single Line Diagram
  • Understanding Preparation of Bill of Material

2. Instrumentation Design and Drafting:

  • Understanding the concept of Instruments
  • Understanding preparation of Hook Up Diagram
  • Understanding preparation of Bill of Material

3. Computer Aided Drafting

4. Overview of International Codes and Standards

  • Duration: ---
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