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DELCAM training Course in Delhi | Premium institute Yami Services


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Courses Overview

Delcam training course is imparted by experienced trainers focusing on high quality input for both the students and the professionals. This course is designed to meet the basic needs and provide you maximum return on investment. Professionals from die and moulding manufacturing industry

During the training, the aspirants will learn how to create gouge-free cutter paths. Exposure of working on wireframe, stock models, work planes will be given to the candidates. The concepts of 2D-area clearance machining and 3D area clearance strategies are also explained along with practical exposure.

By the end of the training you will be capable enough to:

  • Understand the Delcam GUI
  • Set up work plane, define boundaries,  and set block for machining
  • Customize Power MILL Stock Model
  • Create 3D clearance strategies
  • Working on different types of finishing
  • Develop post processor selection for g&m code

1. Introduction & Understanding DelCAM GUI

2. Work plane set up, wire frame modeler, data exchange, set block for machining

  • Customizing Power MILL Stock Models,define Work planes
  • Machining simulation
  • Data exchange
  • Wire frame modeler
  • Create process sheet Setup for machining
  • Define boundaries for machining, define block, measurement

3. 3D area Clearance Strategies

  • Offset area clearance model
  • Profile area clearance model
  • Raster area clearance model
  • Rest machining

4. Finishing

  • 3D-offset finishing
  • Constant Z- finishing
  • Optimized constant z-finishing
  • Offset flat finishing,raster flat finishing
  • Pattern finishing, spiral finishing
  • Raster finishing, radial finishing
  • Corner along finishing, corner multi pencil finishing, corner automatic and stitch finishing, corner pencil finishing
  • Surface finishing
  • Practice finishing

5. 2D-area clearance machining and post processor selection for g&m code

  • Face milling
  • 2D-curve area clearance
  • 2D-curve profile
  • Drilling
  • Post processor selection to convert DelCAM file in to g&m code

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