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Hypermesh Training Course in Delhi NCR | Classes & Certification


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Courses Overview

Hypermesh instructional class empowers members to deal with Hypermesh 12.0 programming, a PC supported building (CAE) recreations programming stage. The preparation empowers the learners to make limited component models for examination and plan amazing cross sections in a productive way. This program offers the abilities expected to work with geometry altering instruments for getting ready CAD models for the cross section process. Amid the Hypermesh preparing, the participants will know about the BatchMeshing method that encourages clients to work a few documents out of sight to coordinate the benchmarks set by clients.


Before the finish of the preparation, the members will teach abilities on the accompanying subjects:


  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Shell, Tetra, and HyperMeshing
  • Creating hexa and penta work
  • Assemblies: Welding and Swapping Parts
  • Topography and Topology
  • Thermal, Static and Normal Mode investigation
  • Preparing models for investigation and geometry for lattice
  • Defining producing imperatives
  • 2D and 3D shape streamlining
  • 1D and 2D measure improvement
  • Results representation with HyperMesh

1 .Introduction to Hypermesh

2 .Tool Bar and Menu Bar

3. Open and save the file

4. FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

5. Strategic Planning

  • Planning the Solution
  • Creating a Solution Checklist
  • Boundary Conditions and Load Cases
  • Linear Assumption

6. The Art of Modeling

  • Consistent Units
  • Understanding Element Behavior
  • Element Selection
  • Mesh Density and Solution Convergence
  • Compatibility and Mechanisms
  • Rigid Elements
  • Fasteners

7. Analysis Types

  • Static Analysis
  • Stress Results
  • Dynamics
  • Buckling
  • Presentation of Results

8. Basic interaction with HyperMesh

9. Shell meshing

  • Automeshing – meshing on surface geometry
  • Checking and editing mesh
  • Batch meshing

10. Preparing models for analysis

  • Creating boundary conditions
  • Formatting for solvers

11. Preparing geometry for meshing

  • Repairing surface topology
  • Midsurfaces
  • Defeaturing models
  • Refining surface topology

12. Creating hexa and penta mesh

  • Creating & editing solid geometry
  • Creating hex mesh with the solid map panel

13. Tetra meshing

14. Assemblies: welding and swapping parts

15. Topology& Topography

16. Size and shape optimization concepts

17. Pre-processing using HyperMesh

18. Linear static and normal mode analysis

19. Results visualization with HyperMesh

20. Topology optimization

21. Manufacturing constraints

22. Combined Topology and Topography optimization

23. Geometric Data Generation

24. Shape Generation HyperMesh

25. 2D and 3D shape optimization

26. 1D and 2D size optimization

27. Model clean up

28. Meshing

29. Static analysis

30. Thermal analysis

31. Optimization

  • Duration: ---
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