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PDS Software Training in Delhi | Certification Classes India | Yami


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Courses Overview

Yami cosmo services private limited at Delhi/Noida,PDS module is the intelligent meaning of your plant all through its lifecycle, from reasonable outline to definite usage and development, through startup and testing and operational life expectancy, to decommissioning. The PDS is a really savvy. A keen PDS contains building information, for example, process information (ordinary and greatest activity weight, temperature, stream rate and assembling information), and encourages plan check (performs lead based outline confirmation to deliver in fact sound outline and implement industry, organization, and administrative benchmarks).

Equipment Modelling

  • Basic
  • General Utilities
  • Create Equipment
  • Modify Equipment


Pipe Works

  • Pipe work modeling
  • Modify pipe routing
  • Piping Orientation
  • Pipe work Utility



  • Beams & Columns
  • Panels & Plates
  • Walls & Floors
  • ASL Modeller


Supports & Electrical Works

  • Hangers & Supports
  • HVAC
  • Cable Trayn
  • Create and Modify


Drawing Manager

  • Drafting
  • ISO Generation


Reporters & Utilities

  • Spooler
  • Report Generation


PDS - Electrical Module

  • Introduction to Plant Engineering and PDS
  • PDS Equipment Design
  • PDS EE Raceway
  • PDS Interference Manager
  • Sample Project


  • Duration: 40 Days
  • Services

    Technical Support Project, Consultancy Monitoring and Control Smart Metering Data Logging, Dedicated Graphical Interface

    Corporate Training, Industrial Training, Campus Training, Classroom Training, Bootcamp Training, Online Training

    Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics, Business Intelligance, Finance Controlling, Water Treatment and Power Plants

    Domestic Tech. / Non Tech. and International - Tech. only


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