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Data Science using SAS Certification training in Delhi NCR | India


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Courses Overview

SAS program is the most widely used language for analytics at large companies. This course is ideal for professionals aiming for a career in data science. Data driven insights are increasingly impacting business decision-making - hence this course is also recommended for managers.

Analytics World

Introduction to Analytics

• Role of SAS in ETL Concept and ETL

• SAS in Advanced Analysis

• SAS Certification: Induction and Walking

Getting Started with SAS

SAS Software Installation

• Introduction to SAS, GUI

• Different components of SAS language

• All SAS programming windows

• Creating concepts and libraries of SAS libraries

• Variable Features - (name, type, length, format, format, label)

• Importing data and manually entering data

Understanding Datasets

Describe Part of a Dataset (Pro Content)

• Data Participant of SAS Dataset

• Convertible names and values

• SAS Data Library

Understanding Data Step processing

Data phase and process steps

• Data phase execution

• Compilation and execution phase

• Concept of input buffer and PDV

Importing Raw Data files

·         Column Input and List Input and Formatted methods

·         Delimiters, Reading missing and non standard values

·         Reading one to many and many to one records

·         Reading Hierarchical files

·         Creating raw data files and put statement

·         Formats / Informat

Importing and Exporting Data (Fixed Format / Delimited)

·         Import Wizard

·         Proc Import / Delimited text files

·         Proc Export / Exporting Data from SAS

·         Datalines / Cards

·         Atypical importing cases (mixing different style of inputs)

o    Reading Multiple Records per Observation

o    Reading “Mixed Record Types”

o    Sub-setting from a Raw Data File

o    Multiple Observations per Record

o    Reading Hierarchical Files

·         Importing Tips

Understanding and Exploring Data

Introduction to Basic Processes - Process Materials, Print Pro

• Operator and operation

• Conditional statement (where, if, if otherwise, then do and choose)

• The difference between the WHERE and the IF statement and the WHERE statement limit

• SAS Label, Comment

• SAS System Options (OBS, FSTOBS, NOBBS etc ...)

Data Manipulation

Sort process - with options / de-douping

• Preserve variables and by-group processing

• Explicit Output Statement

• nesting

• Do and make statements

• Array Elements and Range

Combining Datasets (Appending and Merging)


• Interleaving

• Attach the process

• One to merge

• Mergers match

• IN = SAS merging and controlling indicators

• General form of SAS functions

• Arithmetic work

• Date and time work

• Text skill work

• Nested Functions

Pro Freq

• Pro format for user defined formats

• means process

• Process Summary

• Process tabulated

• Pro Report

• The concept of Output Delivery System

• Using the ODS statement to save data to an external destination

• Introduction to Pro SQL

• Basics of the usual SQL language

• Creating tables and putting value

• Retrieve and summarize data

• Group, Sort and Filter

·         Using Joins (Full, Inner, Left, Right and Outer)

·         Reporting and summary analysis

·         Concept of Indexes and creating Indexes (simple and composite)

·         Connecting SAS to external Databases

·         Implicit and Explicit pass through methods

·         Global and Local Variables

·         Macro Parameters and Variables

·         Different types of Macro Creation

·         Defining and calling a macro

·         Using call Symput and Symget

·         Macros options (mprint symbolgen mlogic merror serror)

Debugging SAS

·         How to read log file efficiently

·         Tips to debug code

Efficient SAS Programming

·         Code optimization and Efficient SAS Programming Techniques

·         Saving CPU Time, I/ O processing time

·         Disk Space Saving Measures

·         Memory saving tips

Procedure Covered

·         Proc Contents

·         Proc Append

·         Proc Sort

·         Proc Datasets

·         Proc Print

·         Proc Format

·         Proc Transpose

·         Proc Import

·         Proc Export

·         Proc Print

·         Proc Tabulate

·         Proc Report

·         Proc Means

·         Proc Summary

·         Proc Freq

  • Duration: 48 HRS
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