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Advanced Excel Course in Delhi NCR | Yami Service Online

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Advance Excel

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Courses Overview

this advance Excel training at YAMI COSMO SERVICES GREEN PARK DELHI is designed to help you become a successful Data Analyst and is highly recommended for aspirants who are just starting their career in Analytics

Introduction: - Understanding basic menus and toolbars, introduction of various types of tasks like basic, mathematical and statistical, date and time, logical, lookup and context, text and information.

Mathematical work: - Yoga, Sumif, Sumif, Count, Count, Counterblank, Countif, County, Average, Average, Average, Average, Subtitle, Total, Rand, Randbabeteen, Roundup, Rounddown, Round, Supproduct

Date & Time Function:- Date, Day, Month, Year, Edate, Eomonth, Networkdays, Workday, Weeknum, Weekday, Hour, Minute, Second, Now, Today, Time

Text work and data validation: - Four, clean, code, compatible, find, search, option, replace, lane, right, left, middle, lower, upper, proper, text, trim, value, big, small filter (basic, Advanced, conditional), sort(Ascending, Descending, Cell/ Font Color), Conditional Formatting, Data Validation, Group & Ungroup, Data split.

Statistical work and other functions: - Isna, Isblank, Isr, Ivoven, Isod, Isylical, Estext, Max, Min, Lane, Right, Left, Mid, Max, Maxif, Median, Minifs, Meena, Vara, Coral, Gamen

Logical Functions:- And, Or, If, Iferror, Not, Nested If

Lookup & Reference Functions:- VLookup, HLookup, Index, Match, Offset, Indirect, Address, Column, Columns, Row, Rows, Choose, Arrays Concept In Lookup Formula’s, Past Special, Past link

Pivot Table and Charts, Import and Export data, Protect/Unprotect sheets/workbooks. Worksheet formatting and Print Display

Data Collection Method With Data Quality, Collaboration & Security Like Share Your Workbook On Share Drive With Quality

Analysis single / multi-dimensional analysis, like three-dimensional (3D) tables, sensitive analysis like data table, manual what-if analysis, threshold value, target search, one-convertible data table, two-variable data table

Advanced Dashboard

Report Development - (real world data)

  • Duration: 30 Days
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