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8051 MICROCONTROLLER Learning Course in Delhi NCR | India


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Courses Overview

For aspirants looking to develop career in embedded systems and microcontroller, Embedded C with 8051 program from Yami Services can be the perfect Launchpad to start your career. We, are one of the leading training facility specialized in Embedded C Programming with 8051 for interested candidates, providing comprehensive training. The Embedded C for 8051 training is imparted in accordance to the industry standards.

Utilizing state-of-the-art infrastructure, and latest technology implementation, the learners will get the best knowledge enhancement for Embedded C Programming for 8051 Microcontroller. You can opt from a wide range of Embedded C Programs for 8051, according to the requirement. Develop your skills and knowledge with one of the best Embedded Systems training institutes in Delhi-NCR!

Introduction to 8051 Microcontroller


·         Introduction of ATMEL 8051 family

·         Block diagram description of AT89C51

·         Special feature of AT89c51

·         Pin description of AT89c51


Intel 8051 Architecture


·         Introduction to 8-bit microcontroller 8051

·         Inbuilt features of 8051

·         Block diagram explanation, pin descriptions

·         Bit addressable and byte addressable registers

·         About some IP SFRs such as PSWA and stack operations

• Addressing mode and assembler instructions

• Examples of examples of mode addressing and various addressing modes set with assignments and lab displays

·         Explanations about 4 different instruction sets and with assignments

·         Serial communication concepts with programming

·         Interrupt programming and embedded c concepts how to use KEIL with C concepts

·         Timer programming concepts in mode 1 and mode 2 with assignments


8051 μC Pin Configuration Diagram


Registers & Memory of AT89C51


·         Description of RAM

·         Description of CPU Registers

·         Function of SFR




·         KEIL Compiler



Interfacing of LED


·         Introduction of LED’s

·         Interfacing Circuit Description of LED’s

·         Programming of LED’s Interfacing


Interfacing Of Seven Segment Display


·         Theory of 7 Segments Display

·         Types of 7 Segment Display

·         Interfacing Circuit Description of 7 Segment Display

·         Writing Decoding Chart for 0-f character

·         Writing one digit UP/DOWN Counter Program

·         Programming 2 Digit/3 Digit /4 Digit Counter

·         Introduction To TLC (Traffic Light Controller) Programming


Interfacing of LCD


·         Introduction to 16 x 2 LCD

·         Commands of 16 x 2 LCD

·         Interfacing Circuit Description of 16 x 2 LCD

·         Programming of 16 x 2 LCD


Interfacing Of Switches & Keyboard Matrix

·         Introduction to Switches & Keyboard Matrix

·         Interfacing Circuit of Switches & Keyboard Matrix

·         Programming of Keyboard Matrix & Switches

·         Controlling of LED’s by using Switches

·         Key board Matrix & LCD Interfacing Program


Interfacing of Motors


·         Introduction to Motors

·         Types of Motors used in Embedded System

Programming and control of engines in inserted frameworks

Timers & Counter Programming


Introduction to Timer and Counter


•        Difference amongst Timer and Counter


•        Description of SFR related with Timer and Counter


•        Programming of Timer and Counter

Serial Communication Programming


Introduction to the Communication System


•        Types of correspondence System




o       Serial/Parallel


o       Synchronous/Asynchronous


o       Simplex/Duplex


•        Introduction to Serial Communication


•        Description of SFR related with Serial Communication


•        Data Framing and UART Introduction


•        Introduction and Interfacing of UART

Programming of UART

Interrupt Driven Programming

SFR related with Interrupts


•        Interrupt Handling Methods


•        Programming Timer Interrupts


•        Programming Serial Interrupts

Interfacing of ADC


·         Introduction to ADC


·         •        Interfacing circuit of ADCWorking & Interfacing of Temperature Sensor (DS1621 & LM35)


Interfacing of External Memory


·         Introduction to External Memory Interfacing

·         Introduction to I2C Protocol

·         Using I2C library to read/write External Memory





·         Constants, Variables & Data Types

o    Keywords & Identifiers

o    Data type & its memory representation


o    Arithmetical Operator

o    Logical Operator

o    Bitwise Operators

·         Control Statement


o    Nested If




o    Do While

·         User Defined Data type





Hello, Embedded World


·         Introduction

·         Installing the Keil software and loading the project

·         Configuring the simulator

·         Building the target

·         Running the simulation

·         Dissecting the program

·         Aside: Building the hardware



Motor Interfacing


·         DC motor interfacing using UL2803 with controllers

·         Stepper motor interfacing using UL2003 with controllers

·         Servo motor interfacing with controllers


  • Duration: 20 Days
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