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SAP Finance Course in India | SAP finance certification training

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Courses Overview

Yami Services is known for project-based learning. The courses is designed and delivered by the experienced faculty and professionals who teach at the Yami Services Likely a typical classroom learning experience, these classes will provide you the knowledge by using standard practices. Yami Services deliver live, face-to-face and online classes with Industrial expert facilities.


  • ERP
  • Advantages Concept
  • ERP Software
  • of ERP Software



  • SAP R/3, SAP Landscape
  • Data in SAP
  • SAP System Navigation


Enterprise Structure

  • Company, Company Code, Business Area, Segment
  • Credit Control Area
  • Controlling Area


FI Global Setting

  • Fiscal Year Variant
  • Posting Period Variant
  • Field Status Variant
  • Company Code Global Data, Variant Principle
  • Employee Tolerance Groups
  • Document Number Ranges
  • Document Types
  • Posting Keys


General ledger ( FI – GL )

  • Chart of Accounts, GL Account Group
  • Retained Earnings Account
  • GL Master Data
  • GL Posting-Journal Voucher Entry
  • Recurring Entry
  • GL Line Item Report


Accounts Payable ( FI – AP )

  • Vendor Master Data
  • Vendor Transactions-Invoice, credit memo, down Payment, Outgoing Payment
  • APP Run
  • Terms of Payment & Cash Discount
  • Document Parking, Holding & Reversal
  • Vendor Line Item Reports
  • Vendor S_ALR Report


Accounts Receivable ( FI - AR )

  • Reconciliation Account , Customer Account Groups
  • Tolerance Groups
  • Customer Master Data
  • Customer Transactions-Invoices, Credit Memos, Down Payment, Incoming
  • Payments
  • Terms of Payment & Cash Discounts
  • Document Parking-Holding & Reversal
  • Dunning , Interest Calculation
  • Customer Line Item Reports
  • Customer S_ALR Report


Bank Accounting ( FI-BA )

  • House Bank, Bank Master
  • Configuration of Payment Program, Check Lot
  • Check Issue to Vendor, Check Register
  • APP Run
  • Check Transactions, Check Void Reason Code
  • Customer Check Deposit
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash Journal


Asset Accounting ( FI – AA)

  • Chart of Depreciation, Depreciation Areas
  • Asset Classes
  • Asset Master Data
  • Asset Acquisition
  • Depreciation Posting Run
  • Asset Explorer
  • Asset History Sheet



  • Extended Withholding Tax- TDS
  • Tax on Purchase-Input Tax- IGST, CGST, SGST, UGST, Comp. Cess on GST
  • Tax on Sale-Output Tax-IGST, CGST, SGST, UGST, Comp. Cess on GST


Foreign Currency

  • Foreign Currency Transaction



  • Integration of FI module with CO, AA, SD, MM & HR


Standard Business Process

  • OTC-Order-to-Cash
  • P2P-Procurement -to-Payment
  • R2R-Record to Report


Financial Statement Version

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Account


FI Closing

  • FI Month End and Year End Closing


SAP Projects

  • ASAP Roadmap
  • Project Preparation
  • Business Blueprint
  • Realization
  • Final Preparation
  • Go Live & Support
  • SAP Projects
  • Implementation Project/ Live Project
  • Post-implementation Support Project
  • Roll-out Project
  • Up-gradation Project


FI Project

  • FI Project covering real-time business process


  • Duration: 45 Days
  • Services

    Technical Support Project, Consultancy Monitoring and Control Smart Metering Data Logging, Dedicated Graphical Interface

    Corporate Training, Industrial Training, Campus Training, Classroom Training, Bootcamp Training, Online Training

    Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics, Business Intelligance, Finance Controlling, Water Treatment and Power Plants

    Domestic Tech. / Non Tech. and International - Tech. only


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