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German Language Courses in Delhi NCR | Certification | Yami Services


Join With Our Courses To Develop Yourself.


Courses Overview

Yami Cosmo Services Private Limited Green Park, Delhi offers intensive courses in German Language both online and off-line (classroom). Yami Services has qualified and experienced trainer to provide proficiency in German language on all certificate levels.


The German Language courses offered in Yami Cosmo Services Pvt Ltd is based on the requirement of the candidate. We provide programs based on the purpose of study and convenient time period or duration that is academic, exam preparation, business or employment. Candidate can select the timings and mode for the German Language classes. We also provide study material, stationery, audio CDs and dictionaries for the particular German Language during the course. Audio visual, group discussion and activity are conducted to enhance the learning ability of the candidate.


Type of courses:

YCSPL provide different type of courses in German language:

  • Standard German Courses
  • For all levels A1, A2, B1, B2.1, B2.2,C1.1, C1.2
  • Specialized Courses
  • Courses for Individuals and Small Groups:

Yami Services, Green Park, Delhi can also provide a one-to-one basis or for small groups (Max 5). Our language department would gladly assist you for any customise requirements.

  • Besides our standard courses in YCSPL we also offer customise courses for corporates. Either corporates come to our location for classes or we can send our consultant to your company location.  


  • Courses for Tour and Travel
    if you are a tourist guide or running your business in tour and travel for German tourists. We have specialised courses for you during across the year by industry professionals.


  • German in Hospitality
    You work in a hotel or any hospitality sector or any industry and need to interact with German clients or if you are planning a career in this industry. Then you should join our translation and interpretation course. This course shall provide you not only with the special vocabulary required in the Hotel industry, but it will also help you to learn German culture.  


  • Intercultural training
    if you have business with Germans or want to visit Germany for your business, and you wish to urge higher familiar with the norms and practices of the German business world. You wish to urge to understand the German method of doing business, and then this can be the course for you. This course enables you to explore the business culture of the German-speaking, writing and perceive their company behaviour, visual communication and their etiquettes.


  • Exam prep courses 
  • These courses specifically prepare you for the Goethe certificate Exams. This course will familiarize you with the various sections of the written and oral exams, and you will be prepared for all level of exam.
  • We also offer exam preparatory courses in German language for Schools, Visa interview and colleges.


Yami Cosmo Services Private Ltd is best German Language learning centre/Institute in Delhi, Who offers both online and offline German language courses for Exam preparation and professional. and YCSPL  has tied-up with a number of partners and different placement avenues where upon completion of the course students will be offered placements. We have two modules one for students or non-working and for professional.


Why learning a German Language is extraordinary?


•             Learning German Language and understanding their culture enables you to gain a more profound perspective of your own culture.

•             When studying a European Language, you improve your analytical skills and enhance you to be more creative.

•             You have more value to an organization when you combine business skills with German Language skills.

•             It is considered as one of the valuable courses in many colleges because of the communication skills developed in the process.

•             European Language study expands one’s world view and is simply part of a very basic liberal education.

•             New jobs are created as a result of foreign trade, statistically, four out of every five jobs.

•             It opens the door to endless possibilities such as art, fashion, music, film, dance, philosophy, science…

•             Learning a German Language can open up exciting travel and employment opportunities.

•             Speaking of a European Language will develop your self-confidence and also enable you to become smarter and more creative.

•             Knowing more than one Language will enable you to communicate with more people and will expand your vocabulary.

•             Being multilingual will give you the chance to learn about a new culture. You will also enjoy international movies, music and literature.




Green Park is a chic and affluent neighbourhood, within the South Delhi district of Delhi, India. It’s among the foremost fashionable and classy districts of Delhi. It’s referred to as one of the foremost safe place for college kids and corporates in all districts of Delhi. Green Park falls under Category 'A' of residential colonies in Delhi alongside other Category B colonies like Greater Kailash, Defence Colony and Gulmohar Park.

Weekdays:  2 hour

Weekends: 3 hours


Module 1 : For students


A1 – you learn how to make simple inquiries in speaking and writing. Can introduce yourself to others and vice versa.

A2 – You learn to express yourself adequately in familiar and everyday situations.



B1 – You learn grammar structure, learn to lead discussions and can understand main points.

B2 – You have massive understanding of the language. Can communicate spontaneously and fluently.



C1 – You learn how to express yourself clearly both in speaking and writing. Can understanding large number of topics and understand almost all texts.

C2 – You learn literary, socio-political, cultural and scientific topics. Excellent knowledge of the language. Problem free and fluent communication in situations of all kinds, understanding of complex written and oral passages, the ability to discuss complex topics.


Modules2: For professional


Listening – Can make basic inquire in speaking and writing, basic understanding in reading and listening. Can understand familiar words and basic phrases.

Reading – Can understand familiar name, words and very simple sentences.

Spoken – Can interact in a simple way, repeat and rephrase things at a slower rate, can introduce yourself to others and vice versa. Can use simple sentences to describe places, things, and people.

Writing – Can write simple messages, can fill up forms with personal details or details of others.



Listening – Can understand phrases and vocabulary related to very basic personal and family information.

Reading – Can read short, simple text and writings

Spoken – Can communicate in simple words, exchange information on familiar topics.

Writing – Can write simple notes and messages



Listening – Can understand main points and speeches on familiar matter regularly encountered in work or school.

Reading – Can understand texts that consist of words that are used every day. Can understand description of events, feelings and wishes.

Spoken – Can have conversation in an area where the language is spoken. Can give explanation for dreams, hopes, plans and opinion.

Writing – Can write simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest.



Listening – Can understand complex texts on abstract topics.

Reading – Can read articles and point out mistakes or problems.

Spoken – Can express himself/herself fluently and spontaneously and give the advantages and dis-advantages of various options.

Writing – Can write clear, detailed text on any subjects without hesitation.



Listening – Can understand long, complex text, extended speech even when it is not clearly structured.

Reading – Can recognize implicit meaning. Can understand specialized articles and longer technical instructions.

Spoken – Can comment on complex subject using organizational patterns and cohesive devices. Can have flexibility in the use of language in your social or professional life.

Writing – Can write in a well-structured manner, expressing point of view in complex sentences.



Listening – Can understand everything with ease. Can summarize various sources of speech.

Reading – Can read anything with ease including abstract, structurally or linguistically complex texts.

Spoken – Can take part effortlessly in any conversation or discussion and have a good familiarity with idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms.

Writing – Can write clear, smooth-following text in an appropriate style.

Note: In C1 and C2, we also teach international etiquette which is beneficial for business or employment purposes.


  • Duration: 40 Hrs. Per Level
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