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Android Certification Courses in Delhi | Android App Development

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Courses Overview

Day by day android is becoming the emerging standard development environment for mobile technology those who wants to write a single source tree, port it to multiple platforms with a simple code JAVA,XML and make it database capable, globalise it gives a native look,feel and run it at super speed . We are living in the huge world of smart phones,where all of us have precise Android phone. If you are deciding or willing to pursue Android Application Development Training it will be the most smartest decision ever made by you to initiate your IT­ Software career at YCSPL.

Mobility Android Training Android provides knowledge and skills to take the world. The trainee will cover all the fundamentals of Android application design. Student must have knowledge of JAVA, HTML and CSS to built Android app. But it’s not too simple to build an app one must have to go through architecture of Android app, learn how to use ADT (Android Development Tools), How to do connections between frontend and backend code also.While undergoing the course, the learner will come across real time examples which can serve a strong foundation while working on live projects.

Hello Android

  • Introduction to Android
  • Android Flavors
  • Android OS Architecture
  • Gradle Build System
  • Setting up Android Development Environment


  • System Requirements
  • Android Studio Installation


  • Create First Android Application
  • Understand Project Hierarchy


User Interface & Event Handling

  • Layouts & Views
  • User Input Control
  • List View and Scrolling Views
  • Recycler View & Card View


  • Themes & Styles
  • Material Design
  • Providing Resources for adaptive layouts
  • Dialogs – Alert, Progress and Custom


  • Floating Action Button


Activities and Intents

  • Activity Lifecycle
  • Activity State


  • Explicit Intent
  • Implicit Intent
  • Intent resolution


Exploring Action Bar

  • Getting Access of Action Bar
  • Option Menus


  • Context Menus
  • Popup Menus
  • Navigation Drawer
  • Tab Navigation


  • Swipe View with View Pager


Broadcast Receivers & Notification


  • Broadcast Receiver
    • Sending a Broadcast
  • Creating Receiver
  • Registering broadcast receiver


  • Integrating notification with broadcast receiver


  • Types of Service
  • Service Declaration


  • Creating a Service
    • Extending Service Class
    • Start a Service
    • Stop a Service


  • Creating a Bound Service
  • Life cycle of Service



  • What is Fragment?
  • Creating a Fragment


  • Fragment Lifecycle
  • Handling Fragment Events
  • Fragment Communication



Background Tasks & Networking

  • Async Task
  • Async Task with Progress Bar
  • Android Networking


  • Connecting to Internet using Async Task
  • Downloading an Image using Async Task
  • Alarm Manager
  • Job Scheduler


  • Thread Handlers
  • Introduction to REST web services
  • Consuming of REST Web services


Data: Saving, Retrieving, Loading

  • Shared Preferences
  • Set & retrieve shared preferences


  • Store data using SQL in SQLite Databases
  • Content Providers
  • Share data b/w apps using content resolver


Maps with Android


  • Google Maps Android API
  • Adding a Map to an Application
  • Display User’s current Location


  • Change Map Type
  • Map Gestures
  • Map Markers


Testing Application

  • Use of Logcat as Debugging
  • Use of Android Debugger tool
  • Android JUnit Testing
  • Testing User Interface
  • Espresso testing


Application Deployment


  • Signing Application
  • Developer Console
  • Deployment app on Google Play

  • Duration: 40 Days
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