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RHCSA Certification Training Course in Delhi NCR Noida | Yami

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Courses Overview


RH124: Red hat System Administration I

1. Access the command line

Log in to a Linux system and run simple commands using the shell.

2. Manage files from the command line

Copy, move, create, delete, and organize files from the bash shell prompt.

3.Get help with Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Take care of issues utilizing on the web encourage frameworks and Red Hat bolster utilities.


4. Make, see and alter content records


Make, see and alter content documents in summon yield or editorial manager.


5. Oversee nearby Linux clients and gatherings


Oversee neighborhood Linux clients and gatherings, and oversee nearby secret word arrangements.


6. Control access to records with Linux document framework authorizations


Set up the Linux record framework authorizations on documents and clarify the security impacts of the different


Authorization settings


7. Screen and oversee Linux forms


Get data about the framework, and control the procedures running on it.


8. Control Services and Demons


Control and screen arrange administrations and framework daemons utilizing Systemd


9. Arrange and Secure OpenSSH Service


Give Access and Access to the Command Line on Remote Systems Using Safely




10. Break down and Store Logs


Distinguish and precisely translate pertinent framework log records for critical thinking purposes.


11. Oversee Red Hat Enterprise Linux Networking


Design local IPv4 organizing on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux framework.


12. Store and duplicate records between frameworks


Chronicle documents and duplicate them starting with one framework then onto the next.


13. Introduce and refresh programming bundles


Download, introduce, refresh and oversee programming bundles from Red Hat and yum bundles




14. Utilize the Linux File System


Access and review the current document framework on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux framework.


15. Utilize virtualized framework


Make and utilize a Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machine with KVM and libvirt.


16. Broad audit


Practice and exhibit information and aptitudes learned in this course

RH134: Red hat System Administration II

. Programmed establishment with kickstart


Mechanize the establishment of Red Hat Enterprise Linux frameworks with kickstart.


2. Utilize consistent articulations with grep


Compose consistent articulations that, while joining forces with grep, you will get authorization rapidly


Find or find content inside content records


3. Create and Edit text files with vim

The Introduce the vim text editor, with which you can open, edit, and save text files.

4.Schedule future Linux tasks

Schedule tasks to perform automatically in the future.

5. Manage Priority of Linux Processes

Influence Relative Priorities Running Linux Processes

6. Control access to files with access control lists (ACL)

Manage file security using POSIX access control lists.

7. Manage SELinux security

To keep this safe, manage the system's Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) behavior

The issue of network service agreement.

8. Connect to network-defined users and groups

Configure the system to use central identity management services.

9. Add disks, partitions, and file systems to a Linux system

Manage simple partitions and file systems.

10. Manage logical volume management (LVM) storage

Manage logical volumes from the command line.

11. Access networked attached storage with network file system (NFS)

Access (secure) NFS shares.

12. Access networked storage with SMB

Use autofs and the command line to mount and unmount SMB file systems.

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