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Piping Design microstation courses in Delhi | Yami Institute


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Courses Overview

Yami cosmo services private limited also provides MicroStation is a CAD programming item for 2 and 3 dimensional outline and drafting, created and sold by Bentley Systems. The most recent forms of the product are specially discharged for Microsoft Windows operating structure, although in fact microstation was accessible for working structures like Macintosh stages and various Unix.MicroStation is the stage structural and building programming bundle created by Bentley Systems, Incorporated. Among various things, it creates 2D/3D vector illustrations items and components. Current variant is MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

Creating and Working with Design Files

• The MicroStation Drawing Environment
• The MicroStation Manager Dialog Box
• Opening, Creating, and Closing Design Sessions
• Primary, Standard, and Status Bars
• Tool Boxes and Tool Frames
• Tool Settings Window
• Key-in Window
• Mouse Button Assignments
• Setting User Preferences
• Design File Settings
• Basic Drawing Tools
• Linear Elements
• Arcs, Polygons, Ellipses, and Active Points
• Delete, Undo, Redo, and Setting Marks
• Viewing and Zooming
• Working with View Windows
• View control, Saved Views, and View Attributes
• Precision Drawing with AccuDraw
• The Design Plane and Working Units
• Drawing Assist Tools
• Locks for 2-D and 3-D
• Modification and Construction Tools
• Manipulating Elements
• Changing Element Attributes

• What they are,Level Names and Groups
• Level Symbology
• Level Manager Dialog Box

Element Selection and Grouping
• Fence Tools
• Element Selection Tool
• Selection by Attributes
• Creating Complex Chains and Shapes
• Complex Elements
• Creating Element Groups
• Dropping Complex Status
• Annotating Drawings
• Adding Cells to Drawing
• Hatching and Patterning Tools
• Basic Dimensioning ,Modifying Dimensions & Dimension Settings
• Information and Measurement Tools
• Reference File
• What they are, Attachment and Manipulation of Reference Files • Settings Groups
• What they are and their Use
• MicroStation Plotting


  • Duration: 40 Days
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