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Navisworks training course in India | Certification classes Delhi


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Courses Overview

The Naviworks course insights the aspirants on the approaches to combine the 3D view from cross disciplines into one scene to facilitate the effective model reviews. However, Naviworks course creates an encounter with navigation, architecture and other tools that helps in understanding the approach when creating an animated design.

1. Getting to Know Navisworks

  • Looking for interface, ribbon and indicator

2. Files and the Types of File

  • What are the original file formats?

  • File aggregation

  • Object nabellers

3. Moving around the Model

  • Using the navigation bar

  • Pan, Zoom, Walk and Fly

  • Classroom equipment

  • Using View Cube

4. Climbing the Selection Tree

  • Material property

  • Management of models

  • Search and selection groups

  • Selection Tree Navigating

5. Model Snapshots: Viewpoints, Animations and Sections

  • Understanding the Approach

  • Make animation

  • Using sections

6. Documenting your Project

  • Using the Measurement Tool

  • Marking with redline tool

7. 4D Sequencing

  • Timeliner introduction

  • 4D Simulation Best Practices

8. Clash Detection

  • Start and experiment struggle

  • Working with rules

  • Understanding conflict results

  • Conflict report

9. Creating Visualizations

  • Presenter observation

  • Implementing content

  • Model light

  • Raising the scenes with RPC

  • Rendering

  • Visual effect

10. Animating Objects

  • Animator overview

  • Using geometry

  • Export animations

11. Giving Objects Life and Action

  • Introduction to TScripter

  • Using Events and Tasks

12. Collaborating Outside of Navisworks

  • NWD file explored

  • Automatic with command line switch

  • Expansion of Navisworks Extended Applications

13. Other Useful Navisworks Tools

  • Model Data Tools

  • Deeply project browser

  • Mastering link

14. Managing BIM Workflows

  • Contract Worker Flow and Concepts

  • Navisworks Leverage in BIM Process

  • Duration: 40 Days
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