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SP3D Piping Course & Training In Delhi NCR | Yami Cosmo Services


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Courses Overview

Pipe Engineering is a significant department in various streams of engineering, like Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Petroleum and Production Engineering. Piping Engineering plays an important role in plant Design and its manufacturing. Mechanical/Civil Engineers, System Designers, Production & Manufacturing Engineers with familiarity of piping design engineering are enables to make effective & efficient designs, prepare of equipment specification and route layouts etc.


01: Code rules, scope and jurisdiction

02: General requirements related to materials and testing

03: Material toughness and impact testing requirements

04: Joint categories and joint efficiencies

05: General requirements related to stamping, reports, testing, PWHT, tolerances, and NDEs

06: Welding requirements

07: Committees, operation and voting procedures

08: Editions, addenda and interpretations

09: Design Requirements

10: Design loadings and allowable stresses

11: Design criteria and strength theory for Division 1

12: Formulas for internal pressure and tensile loading

13Processes for external pressure (vacuum) and compression loads

14: Inauguration and Strength

15: Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Testing

16: Background of Design Rules

17: Example Design Problems and Solutions;

18: cylindrical shells and formed head

9: Seismic loading on vertical vessels

20: Nozzle Strength

21: Other Special Components

22: External Pressure and Hard Rings

23: Reinforced Opening and Ligament Efficiency

  • Duration: 40 Days
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