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Rhinoceros 3D Training Courses in Delhi NCR | Certification Classes

Rhinoceros 3D

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Courses Overview

Rhinoceros is a 3D computer graphics and computer-aided design application software

Jewellery Design


  • Understanding Rhino interface & preparing to work


  • Creating 2D Jewellery elements


  • Edition 2D Jewellery elements


  • Constraining 2D Jewellery designs


  • Changing appearance (colour, different ,Material effect)


  • Managing entities


  • Creating catalogues & libraries


  • Creating 3D Jewellery components from 2D design


  • Advance surfacing


  • Manipulating 3D jewellery models


  • Orienting 3D models in space


  • Editing 3D models


  • Presentation




Rhinoceros Architectural


  • Introduction and Project overview


  • Importing background bitmaps


  • Building the underlying construction lines


  • Modeling the walls and roof





  • Creating the warehouse roof elements


  • Building the office structure


  • Generating internal walls, glazing and awnings


  • Fabricating our windows framing


  • Finalizing our windows


  • Adding in the roller shutters


  • Creating floor slabs


  • Finalizing the site modeling


  • Selecting camera views


  • Establishing external lighting


  • Allocating materials using flamingo


  • Adjusting our texture maps


  • Using decals in flamingo


  • Adjusting our render settings


  • Post – rendering in Photoshop CS6


  • Creating foreground texture


  • Adding additional details and reflections


  • Finalizing our architectural visualization


  • Duration: 30 Days
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