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Courses Overview

Base SAS (Statistical Analysis System) training is a good way to enter into the data analytics industry. This course is broadly divided into two categories: essentials and data manipulation techniques.

SAS programs, understanding data sets, sub-setting data sets, creating summary reports with different procedures, controlling input and output comes under Data Analytics Course.

SAS Programming 1: Essentials

1. Introduction

Ø  An overview of SAS foundation

Ø  Course logistics

Ø  Course data files

2. SAS Programs

Ø  Introduction to SAS programs

Ø  Submitting a SAS program

Ø  Working with SAS program syntax

3. Accessing Data

Ø  Examining SAS data sets

Ø  Accessing SAS libraries

4. Producing Detail Reports

Ø  Submitting report data

Ø  Sorting and grouping report data

Ø  Enhancing reports

5. Formatting Data Values

Ø  Using SAS formats

Ø  Creating user-defined formats

6. Reading SAS Data Sets

Ø  Reading a SAS data set

Ø  Customizing a SAS data set

7. Reading Spreadsheet and Database Data

Ø  Reading spreadsheet data

Ø  Reading database data

8. Reading Raw Data Files

Ø  Introduction to reading raw data files

Ø  Reading standard delimited data

Ø  Reading nonstandard delimited data

Ø  Handling missing data

9. Manipulating Data

Ø  Using SAS functions

Ø  Conditional processing

10. Combining SAS Data Sets

Ø  Concatenating data sets

Ø  Merging data sets one-to-one

Ø  Merging data sets one-to-many

Ø  Merging data sets with nonmatches

11. Creating Summary Reports

Ø  Using the FREQ procedure

Ø  Using the MEANS and UNIVARIATE procedures

Ø  Using the Output Delivery System

12. Learning More

Ø  SAS resources

Ø  Next steps

SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques

1. Introduction

Ø  An overview of SAS foundation

Ø  Course logistics

Ø  Course data files

2. Controlling Input and Output

Ø  Writing observations explicitly

Ø  Writing to multiple SAS data sets

Ø  Selecting variables and observations

3. Summarizing Data

Ø  Creating an accumulating total variable

Ø  Accumulating totals for a group of data

4.Reading Raw Data Files

Ø  Reading raw data files with formatted input

Ø  Controlling when a record loads

5. Data Transformations

Ø  Manipulating character values

Ø  Manipulating numeric values

Ø  Converting variable type

6. Debugging Techniques

Ø  Using the PUTLOG statement

7. Processing Data Iteratively

Ø  DO loop processing

Ø  Conditional DO loop processing

Ø  SAS array processing

Ø  Using SAS arrays

8. Restructuring a Data Set

Ø  Rotating with the DATA step

9. Combining SAS Data Sets

Ø  Using data manipulation techniques with match-merging

10. Creating and Maintaining Permanent Formats

Ø  Creating permanent formats

11. Other SAS Languages

Ø  An overview of other languages

Ø  Using the SQL procedure

Ø  The SAS macro language

12. Learning More

Ø  SAS resources

Ø  Next steps

  • Duration: 40 Days
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